Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi Friends! 
Im back...

I truly never meant to take that long of a break but life took over! 
Im gonna make a better blogging schedule so I can maintain it. 

So do I rewind and review or just start fresh???
I got a promotion at work os that accounts for a lot of my time because work is NUTS!
We are moving from 9,000 square feet to 22,000 so you can imagine how CRAZY that is! 
Here is a little preview of new office! 

I finished my guest room...
Here is a sneak peek and I will do a whole post full of pictures! 

  I bought a SUPER used dining room table and chairs and refinished it...

Cant remember if I already posted this but I redid a buffet. 

The table and buffet motivated me to REPAINT the dining room (FYI still haven't picked a color)

Which then led to me painting the doors in the dining room...

I have decided that I have a green thumb! 
I had an AMAZING Spring with some gorgeous flowers from the yard! 

 I planted a salsa garden! 
And let me tell you this thing is OUT OF CONTROL NOW! 
I will do a whole post on this because let me tell you it is my pride and joy right now (how sad does that make me sound HA)! 

My yard is looking so good this year! Thanks to my brother! But I will say that I planted my own grass seed! I felt like a true farmer laying grass seed! 

AND then I found this....

 I now go outside in boots and I always have a shovel or some other kind of weapon with me at ALL times when outside. 

I spent a WHOLE Saturday trying to rescue this dog! 
LONG STORY AND TRUST ME a post will be dedicated to good ole Clinton! 

On the hottest day in the Spring my air went out! 
See it was 77 in the house and I had the air on 65! That was a stressful week! 

My Mom was in a flash mom! 

I got my summer color and I am letting my hair grow out! 

Ok well I could go on for days but in a nutshell here a few pictureless highlights from the last few months...

We had a blackout in my neighborhood which was caused by electric lines snapping, some sort of explosion and part of a tree falling! It was insane I had to call 911 because it happened right in my yard and my neighbors yard! AND I was without cable and internet! I was about one day from complete red neck on  Comcast. 

My little brothers hot water exploded at his house! Talk about craziness! Lets just say he got  a new office and laundry room.

My little Zoe had to have surgery but she is fine now! 

We celebrated my Grannys birthday! 

All my friends babies are growing up so fast! I will post recent pictures of them soon! 

Ok if you ready this far THANK YOU! 


ashleycottrell said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Welcome back!

Shauna and MacLean said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Nice to. Hear you are back missed seeing this sweet house and your life! Take care

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